Good all-round credit card

If you want to have a good credit card in your everyday life, you should choose a good “all-round” credit card. That is, a good universal credit card that gives you benefits on typical everyday use, low interest rates and good insurance.

A universal credit card will be suitable for those who use the card a lot for everyday trading and will receive a fixed discount on eg groceries and fuels, but who at the same time want to take advantage of extra good offers and discounts occasionally.


Choose one or many

credit cards

There is a large selection of credit cards in Norway and it is difficult to say which is the best credit card. Some are typical travel credit cards that give good bonuses / discounts on flights and hotels, as well as extra good insurance. Another example is a gasoline card that provides extra good discounts on fuel and filling, typically on a special drive chain.

We should not list all credit cards here, instead we choose to focus on one good credit card that is smart to use in everyday life.

A typical all-round credit card that you can use at several stores, but at the same time get some extra good discounts occasionally.


Good credit card in everyday life

Good credit card in everyday life

The YesQuest Visa Credit Card has one of the lowest interest rates on the credit card market. That is, interest that accrues if you choose to postpone parts of the invoice and the card also has a number of good benefits and discounts.

everyday Benefits

  • 1% Fixed discount on groceries regardless of chain.

The YesQuest credit card provides a fixed bonus on all grocery purchases in Norway, no matter what chain you shop at. This is very useful if you like to look for good deals at several food chains so you can spend less money on food.

  • 2% discount on Shell stations.
  • 50 days interest-free payment deferral.
  • Interest-free extra payment deferral (up to 9 months).
  • Discount Calendar.
  • Benefit program with over 800 discounts and benefits.
  • 0, – fee in goods purchase, creation, annual fee, etc.
  • 1.69% Nominal interest rate per month.
  • 20.28% Nominal interest rate per annum
  • 21.92% Effective Interest Per Year

Good included insurance

  • Fuel filling.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Luggage Protection.
  • Medical treatment, including home transport.
  • Theft.
  • Travel cancellation protection.
  • Thought Wrong Insurance.

The travel insurance is included in the card and you are automatically covered as long as more than 50% of the travel is paid with YesQuest Visa.

Certain other terms and conditions apply for the insurance to cover other areas, for example, you are covered for fuel malfunction if you use the credit card to pay for the entire filling. It is recommended that you carefully read the insurance terms when you receive them.

To apply for the credit card, you must have reached the age of 23, have a fixed income, a tidy economy and no payment notes.


Discount Calendar

credijt loans

YesQuest Visa has its own discount calendar in addition to Dealpass. In the discount calendar, every month a special offer appears that gives you extra discounts or benefits that month. In December 2019, for example, there was a 3% bonus on all groceries, a discount that comes in handy when shopping for large quantities of Christmas food.

For January 2020, we find in the discount calendar that you get a 5% discount on airline tickets that you book with your credit card in January.


Credit costs

Credit costs

It is free to trade with YesQuest Visa in Norway. This is because the card has no establishment or annual fee, and no extra costs are incurred when you make a purchase in Norway. If you trade or withdraw cash abroad, a foreign exchange premium of 1.75% is added.

A currency surcharge is a fee the card issuer charges to insure against unfortunate price developments from the cardholder using the card until payment actually takes place. The premium is usually 1.75%.

In short, a currency surcharge will say that if you spend a thousand on a hotel, the card issuer will charge USD 17.50 to secure against a possible loss of prices.

It is always recommended to pay off your credit card every single month. However, if something unforeseen happens, the minimum payment on the credit card is a minimum amount equivalent to 3.5% of the credit used (minimum USD 250).