Unsecured loans and refinances with payment note

How to Get a Loan and Refinance of Debt Even If You Have a Payment Note or Debt Collection.

It is often thought that you cannot get a loan with payment note or debt collection cases without security in your home or property, but there are some good alternatives for how to get your finances back on track.

Refinance with payment note without housing

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If you search long enough, you may be able to find products that offer loans to people with a payment note without security. I have previously seen providers of so-called “sms loans” offer something similar to a few years back, but tread carefully.

“Sms loans” are known for soaring effective interest rates and it will probably be financially smarter to keep the debt collection as it is now, instead of taking on an even more expensive small loan.

Get cash in fast

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The oldest advice in the book is to sell something you have to raise money, but it is good advice that is easy to implement for most people. Go through stalls, basements and attics for items and pliers you can sell on Finn, Facebook or Letgo to get some extra money.

The goal of selling things to raise money is to build up a sum that you can offer creditors. You may not be able to get the full amount you owe them, but you are showing initiative and being solution-oriented. This can buy you time while increasing your income.

Here is a post on how to get some money in the shortest possible time.

Increase your income

Get back on top financially by working extra hard and getting more money in a short period of time. Add to this page the extra income you earn and use it only to pay off your creditors.

I have written a fairly large post with many different ideas and suggestions for side jobs one can have to increase their income here in Norway. These are flexible extra jobs that you can take on when studying or working full time next door.

Budget and plan

Budget and plan

Although the word budget may sound daunting, it is easier and simpler to make a budget than you might think.

A personal budget is really just a plan for the month to come and does not need to be neither advanced nor particularly detailed.

Here’s how to set up a personal budget and see my own personal monthly budgets.

Refinancing with payment note and housing

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If you have a home or property, there are some better options for refinancing your debt, even if you already have payment notes. A so-called “restructuring loan” is a type of loan secured in a home or property and gives you the opportunity to get rid of expensive debt collection or credit card debt.

Here you can read a post about restart loans where I go through interest rates, what kind of requirements apply and other questions.

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